Outside the days are short, dark and the earth is wet. Large Oak leaves are falling around my studio, and providing an incubation for rebirth. I am finishing a project I started on my Forest School practitioner course, four years ago. I’m using pyrography to burn the Ogham script, the Tree Alphabet into 20 individual sticks. I collected the sticks from some of the sacred places I have connected with in England. Heather from Edale, Gorse from Markham Main Colliery, Blackthorn from Kingly Vale and Yew from Old Winchester Hill.

For each stick I asked permission of the trees to forage or cut a stick, and as with the Yews in Kingly Vale, no meant no. I’m working on many levels, conducting rituals with each tree to energise each stick, connecting on a practical, physical, mental and spiritual level. Using divination to explore tree connections, manifest spiritual aspects of the green world, the Daghdha, the four elements, and to work their magic.