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Starting Re:view process

Post One                                                                                                              I am pleased to be starting this series of blog entries which could possibly even lead on to an ongoing blogging situation. In February 2014, a couple of months ago now, I received the full amount of the a_n Re:view bursary enabling me to access a group of arts professionals including curators, writers and gallerists.

Since hearing the good news I have been very busy working on it.

a_n Re:view bursary is an important part of its professional development programme – now in its second year. The aim is:

“to support artist-to-artist or curatorial critique and professional development at strategic points in artists’ careers, providing them with opportunities to take stock, and inform development of future work. These bursaries are designed to support their critical and artistic development and through targeted access to critique and advice, to assist artists to move their practice forward.”

My motivations for applying were:

I see Re:view as a structured opportunity for me to get valid and individual advice, insight and feedback from carefully chosen, successful art professionals. I hope that these mentors will help me to further objectively review and develop my practice in two distinctive areas: my studio practice and heightening my visibility.

It will be very useful to have access to professionals, with many views and voices, each with individual experiences, backgrounds and opinions to offer me. The mentoring sessions should give me an insightful and objective look into my current practice gaining recommendations both relating to the work and/or my continued development.

At this crucial stage in my career, I am excited at the prospect of being challenged by the mentors and discussing new contexts and markets for my work, some of them perhaps unpredictable or surprising. I feel it’s going to be important to be flexible when I meet them and to be responsive to new ideas and recommendations.

Contacting potential mentors

I initially spent a while consolidating a list of people – some I have already met or who I have been aware of for some time from following their works or projects. I have contacted them by email or letter to invite them to participate as a mentor in this process: which essentially could be a one-off meeting or something which potentially could develop further.

The emails and letters have gone out!