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It’s week 2 of Scents of our Time at Access Space and, thankfully, I’ve finally managed to get a bit of visual material (almost) completed:

Designed in a manner that apes news graphics, this painting continues a precedent set with my Perfume as Practice body of work. Namely, under current projects the paintings that I complete act simply as visual description of proceedings.

This should come as no surprise, as my work subverts of perception of the senses, allowing scent to become primary and leaving vision as a secondary tool: Therefore having paintings that simply enhance and embellish the experience without taking centre stage is apt. Either way I’m glad Scents of Our Time affords the excuse to paint as, on an entirely basic level, I enjoy it.

So far I have made 8 candles, all a description of various news items, ranging from England’s (relative) success in the World Cup to Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle.

I have found that the candle making process – slow, considered and cathartic – provides an alternative method of digesting the news, which often arrives rapidly and successively, affording no time to meaningful contemplation. This is something I will take into my third week.