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Today I’m at the ‘Field of Mars’, another crucial place in the history of St Petersburg. In the heart of the gardens is a large memorial site for those killed in the February Revolution of 1917. Later, the space was enlarged to include communists and workers who had lost their lives in the Civil War. But it’s not Bolsheviks I’m looking for…

Instead, I’m in search of those wonderful lilacs captured by Gorskii a decade before the dramatic events of 1917. The botanical name is syringa vulgaris, but they’re known here as ‘Krasavitsa Moskovy’ (Beauty of Moscow).

This was the best lilac bush I could find. Had I been a few weeks later, the flowers would have been in full bloom. Compositionally, I’m pleased with how this one has turned out. It was windy, and you can see the movement of the leaves in the foreground.