Week 2 and the tweets keep flying in on ‘ What Keeps You Motivated in the Arts.’ I had not at the time of asking it anticipated such an overwhelming response and hope everyone doesnt mind me compiling- which had not been my intention at first, until I suddenly hit 50 tweets . Its so we can all read each others thoughts on what can be clearly a challenging yet profoundly rich career path .

It was also the headline news on a-n


Unfortunately we slightly lost the hashtag #artsworth on some twitters that came back but either way, everything is being compiled here.

“Art needs motives that are more profound than profit” 7 Days in the Art World, Sarah Thornton

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‏@NadegeMeriau Nice I will simply quote Socrates as my response ” The unexamined life is not worth living “

the thing that motivates me is the possibility that one day I can work in the studio all day every day. period!

by making things I am able to solve problems that thinking alone would not deliver

@heatherbellart Artists can change the world by helping others to see differently.

‏@jemmajwatts Because being an artist gives you permission to be curious about the world, be interested in anything and ask akward Qs

@lisamuten Inspired by the richness of imaginations, the unexpected, the unknown and the need to improve on the lastest work. life would be too mundane without art!

@BridgetHJackson Me too “@susanefrancis:…because in the studio, alone, I feel totally and inexplicably content and always have done”

@G_Embroidery learning new techniques and and exploring different processes is what keeps me motivated

@Corr_ remembering the alternative keeps me going,wrking with amazingly supportive gallery/people,all the things ev’one else said:)

@cie_brown Hard to say, but for me a sort of yearning, a restlessness and a curiosity. & every so often, a feeling of getting it right.

@joolshenry I have found a way to express myself.

@TheSoupLab ecause every single day is different when running an art space. You are constantly surprised by people’s ability to make and share.

@michelehrashman Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. #notmyquotebutilikeit

‏@LeelaClarke Blood, sweat, tears, love&encountering lovely,exciting&crazy people along the way

@GordonAitcheson Motivation?The vague possibility that my next work just might be the one that I could conceivably almost be satisfied with.

@trevors_myth I do it because it is in me, I couldn’t not do it

@Counterwork I love being constantly asked when I’m getting a proper job.

@Charley_Peters What motivates me to work in the arts….the constant mental challenges, likeminded people… exciting collaborations, new ideas, independence of thought…and besides its many frustrations, it’s just great fun

James Mark Whittet Reason #1: When my mind can’t deal with a tricky situation or find a logical solution to it, making a piece of art takes me out of myself and into a cerebral realm.

@rebeccagloveruk its the unexpected discoveries along the journey. Nothing is ever predictable

@BADEPTart Its Mental Freedom to express yourself, develope yourself and learn about the world around you

‏@Phil_Hall_Patch That rush I get when a good idea feels like someone just lit a sparkler in my brain!

@greigburgoyne motivated/arts- its being driven by an urgency to communicate that has no other equivalent in daily life think film “stalker’

@juliecaves Those ‘painting dreams’, belonging to a creative community, using art for ‘positive defiance’, and colour.

Reply From @rosalinddavis to @rebeccagloveruk : definitely.an exciting journey with endless possibilities&potential. Return From Julie Caves: really is! And a sort of battle against society’s obsessive need to define/predict the outcome of things

@helen_nisbet creating a platform for others&for myself to ask questions,do something positive& ideally to encourage solidarity between people

@silviejacobi think ahead: new territories for arts. challenge truly creative ideas & concepts that bring growth to urban & global economies

@EKpaint it is a daily challenge that stimulates the brain and gives satisfaction at times.


Show&Tell has been on summer break….However, yesterday I asked on twitter: What keeps you motivated to work in the arts? Here are the rather,brilliant,insightful tweet answers so far. Tweet yrs @rosalinddavis #artsworth

@thebenstreet Obstinance….Fun (honest answer)

@thisladypaints the constant urge to create

@JackJHutchinson Creation. Growth. Success. Failure. People. Drawing. Insight. Beauty. New horizons….

‏@markscottwood It’s got everything you need. Beauty, horror, scandal, drama, meaning, pointlessness, gossip and the biggest reason is just the sheer pleasure that comes from finishing the thing you’re working on, I find it immense.. I’m at my happiest when just experimenting with the unknown. Pulping paper for sculptures is my new joy at present.

RD reponse: but learning from that which has gone wrong is also part of the process.imperative I would say to move practice on

MSW: That is if it goes according to plan. Failure can be almost as powerful, devastating.

@annabeltilley obviously not £! But that’s it, being with people who make art, talk art, teach art because it’s at the core of who they are

@mitra_m for me the questions the answers the unknowns

@AlanJSlater Not really inspiration… just a need to do it.

debbie ainscoe ‏@wendyhan Cant help but make things/paint always have done, since little. Its a strange feeling not to.

@40elephantsmob pure, unadulterated, stupid love of art and creativity. Plus the corporate sector won’t employ mad cows like us.

barnswell ‏@EvryDyisDifrnt 1.15am. So far, only way to feel a bit at home in the world now and then

@rachwilberforce The possibilities Questioning Work-in-progress The journey

@daviddipre I have no choice in the matter. Unavoidable.

@MichaelaNettell Ditto, just something inside of me.

@brobirn constant need to question/understand the world we live in.

LeeAP ‏@Debrisdaily intellectual growth spliced with adult playtime… and Titian

‏@Captainpye fulfils-like nothing else does. The world is so full of beautiful things I want to respond in some way

@KatrionaBeales It’s all about my practice – thrill of the chase of a good idea + seeing it realised in the flesh… and then the way the things you’ve made have a presence of their own + set up different conversations with different people

@ShelleyRaeArt The free-fall feeling of creating, of an almost zen-like state of mind while in artistic “process”. Meeting art soul-mates

‏@ElizabethMurton so much- playtime, learning new things- practical & conceptual, exploring materials… seeing something emerge, seeing a connection, developing an idea, moving your practice onwards… Just being in my studio!

Justine Cook ‏@jcsculpture you can only do what you do, so to be true to yourself you have to create. There is no choice if want to keep sane & healthy!

Mark Jackson ‏@mjacksonesq good question… various factors:

because there have been amazing projects by artists that may not have happened but for my involvement. .because there is no victory in art, but it’s the closest thing to relief. because my grandfather’s ghost makes me. Art is his vessel for EVP. Like automatic curating. because it’s better to fire the slings and arrows than to suffer or oppose them.

(and lo! He is CURATOR! Fixed as a limpet on the great hull of art. Tearing the skin off of rogue seamen. Et cetera) but mostly because I like helping other people do things. …my favourite bit is the sound of a silent photographer documenting an exhibition. A sound of observation. Delicious.

Andrew Bracey ‏@BraceyAndrew Simple, imagine a situation where you did not work in the arts. Horrible.

‏@michelehrashman Because despite deriving no recompense in terms of financial, practical, social reward or appreciation, it is still worth it.

‏@karlengland Narcissism

@AlistairGentry 1- knowing there are people out there who care about what I say, do and make. 2- If you can, why wouldn’t you? Best job ever. 3- I love art, literature, films, plays & all the other products of human imagination that make a person truly alive.

@speedina working around amazing people as well as constantly being in scary, challenging fun situations and erm, love.

@rosalinddavis: An insatiable passion for learning, collaboration.knowledge,