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I think, this is the final post on ‘ What Keeps You Motivated to work in the arts…” Thanks to all those who contributed…..another debate to come!

‏@marjojo2004 Art-making – best conversation with the world. Open. Speculative, Undogmatic. Best way to surprise yourself by what you say.

Best way to probe relationships betw things, animate/inanimate, now/then. Wakes up parts you didn’t know were alive in you.

@JunoDoran boundless possibilities

And from painting friends at Luna Park, where I recently exhibited at the Lion and Lamb Gallery which is a fantastic artist led space, run by Turps Banana Editor Peter Jones & Katrina Blannin
The show was Curated by Jake Clark which included Jeffrey Dennis, Robin Dixon, Gunther Herbst and Jake Clark.

Justin Hibbs: Having the space to make something your own. Its addictive

Gunther Herbst: Affirmation….Stops you wasting time. Something to do which is enjoyable and exciting.Not knowing the outcome. The journey of the unknown….that and the cocktails.

Robin Dixon: To lose yourself.

Mandy Hudson: I don’t know what else I would do. It is something I am good at.

Kirk Morrison: The challenge of bringing something larger to life, that’s in your imagination.

And a quote from Jim Morrison:

“ I just want to get my kicks before this hell hole goes up in fire. “