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Taking Stock : Loughborough
Paul Conneally
31st October 2020

Taking Stock is a series of works linked to and emerging from artist photographer Christopher Mear’s walk to work as a retail operative. Here I transpose his walk directions from starting at his home to starting from mine in Loughbohemia (some call it Lougborough). I follow the lefts, rights and straight aheads of his walk (distance doesn’t matter) until I reach ‘work’. I find my workplace marked with a stone. Here I take stock in whichever way feels appropriate. In this case I find myself at a confluence of paths at Loughborough’s urban edge. Some saplings have been planted. I take stock. There are ten.

Paul Conneally 31st October 2020

Taking Stock: A series of public interventions, works and thoughts by Paul Conneally – Christopher Mear – Katherine Stanley and others…