Six pallets of LUSH soap arrived on Monday and the delivery and storage went smooth overall. Sarah Jane Palmer, Katie Hilton and Anna Hawkings came down to help, big thanks! It was possible to wheel the pallets (apart from one) straight into storage space which made the job a lot easier. But then …

I wanted to pay for the a-n add and realised funding hadn’t come through …. I investigated and discovered I was supposed to send a risk report which I hadn’t. My heart froze an sunk. I overlooked a condition for the funding, how stupid! I didn’t even know what I was supposed to write in a risk report so mailed several people I thought might know and again found lots of support.

Sorting that out was another steep learning curve and took up all this last three days. I’ve finally send it off waiting anxiously for what comes back from the Arts Council. They have been very supportive and understanding.

The flyers are printed now and they look good; the posters for the A-stand on the pavement are delayed as there where problems at the printers. I received my sexy grey boiler suit under which I’m going to wear all the layers I can fit in.

Yesterday I found an old trolley and stool in David Lobo’s business on little London Rd who lets me borrow them for a charge. It also turned out that he is a joiner and can do the blocking up of the arch in the Grain Warehouse. Great!!

Today I met with Ian Soutar from the Sheffield Telegraph. We had an interesting chat and he’ll write about the project.


Hung out at Victoria Quays today, talked to people in cafes and who worked on the road. Then I met with ‘VeryCreative’ that will sort out the lighting for my project and that was very positive. They seem engaged, make creative suggestions and are very supportive and inspiring. And importantly, we found sockets where from we can ran cables.

I have spend a bit longer in the space which was great but ohhh soo cold! I’m still hoping for a glimpse of spring by the time I start my daily five hours carving.

I sent LUSH a little map how to get into the Canal Basin to make delivery as smooth as possible. They probably figure it out quite easily but just wanted to do my bit.

Still waiting for one logo before I can print and send out flyers. Desperate to do that to get info out there.

Soap will get delivered on Mo.25th and I still need to find people to help me shift it from pavement into space. Two other things to sort next are the table I’ll use for carving on and grey boiler suit.


LUSH made one batch of soap yesterday and anohter batch today. That is very exciting!!

Today I met the man with the keys for the Grain Warehouse. I didn’t really know what to expect and wether I would get the keys today or not. I’m meeting the electrician tomorrow and need access to the building. I was prepared for some complications but all went smoothly and I got the keys. I’ve got some instructions on how to make the space safe for public to come in and there is one access point still to be sorted out.

We agreed on a storage place for the soap and there is good access to that which will help when LUSH delivers the soap.

Now I need to find the right table I will be working on when carving the soap during the project; I’ll have a look round in Sheffield and see what I can find.

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Picked up second proof for flyer today and it is fine. I just send it out to one of my tutors for final opinion and I’m hoping to get 400 copies printed this weeks. I’ll distribute them in galleries and art spaces and post them online. I’m glad when that’s done to set the ball rolling with people knowing dates and times about project.

Also this week I’ll finish designing my ad for Artist Newsletter.

I have to make a dicision on what I’ll wear during performance. I thought of either a grey boiler suit or an outfit I made for a different performance five years ago. The latter is made of white interface. Whatever it is it will be cold in the space and I’ll need some serious thermals unless the weather changes suddenly. Don’t we suffer for our work :-)))


Only twelve days till installing GRAIN. I’ve designed flyers a few weeks ago and I’m pleased with the outcome. I will pick up my second proof on Tues. First proof showed that the size wasn’t right.

I’m finally directly in contact with bht and arranged a meeting in the space next Wednesday to discuss health and safety amongst other things. On Thursday next week I’ll hopefully meet the man who’ll sort out the electrics. It depends if I can get a key to get into the building. Yippie, it’s all coming together!

I’m always keeping LUSH updated to secure a fluent relationship. They never fail sending encouraging comments. It’s always in the back of my head not to disappoint them as they are being so supportive.