Carta Bianca ( White Page)

The weaving of months, October entwining itself with February, playing with time and space, interlocking pages.

Athens calling…

An invitation to publish , from Ariana  E Kalliga, Curator  in Residence at Space52, Athens, Greece.

‘Meet Me Here…’ my Hybrid performance text will be published as part of the autumn programme of Carta Bianca, an online publication, exploring writing, interviews and short  texts that reflect the shared experiences, and knowledge spurred by 2020.

This has been published alongside   ‘Athens-Movement Notes’ (February blog post ) opening up new thoughts about text and  interlocking space,  and my growing relationship with this city…






Slipping back in time again, early lockdown…

I return to the white room

my bare  arm stretches


the space of the screen

my hand

begins to caress

a small bunch

of wild flowers

fleetingly plucked

from the pernicious








until tender caress

is replaced

with a falling away

until my hand

is empty.

I think about  homeopathy, telling stains, poisons, cures…

‘Caress’ – video performance is selected for II Edition International Festival of Minimal Urban Performance in vídeo , curated by Elia Torrecilla, Spain.


The  festival starts it’s screening tour in Dordrecht, Netherlands and continues on to Bilbao, Valencia, Granada, Madrid, Spain , Portugal, Brazil, Canada and Mexico 2020/2021

part of me is  on the move again…




Things have come full circle.
New conversations and audiences start to surface again…

Late summer, Phoenix Athens Gallery re emerges as a real space , and I receive an invitation from the curator Christina Makris to screen my  video piece ‘My Hybrid…’as part of ‘Art Instead’, an international showcase for the online artists who took part in the residency programme.

My work once again  feels nomadic.

I am  slipping through borders once again…this time limb my limb…responsive choreography within a hybrid space.

Instagram: @nicolezaaroura







And so I travel to you in  Athens, from this ‘new space’…a room that I have slept in for the past 20 years.

I follow my own scattered instructions. A wall, scuffled domestic white.

I lock the door. It’s important. I have my phone to film, and two stools.
This hybrid space, within a hybrid space…like an envelope , a dislocation , a new game.

In isolation I still lock the door…
I stay with it…


In this white field


an outstretched hand.


Taught fingers

an elongated arm

our rolling distance

this is how we talk

mutating, twisting

intimate hybrid.

Slowly slowly

did I mention

that I am sitting across

from nothing?

I spell and dispel…




a new invitation arrives…

previous residency plans for PhoenixAthens Gallery, Athens, suspended, shifted, maybe even buried…

In its place, an invitation to become the first Online Artist in Residence as part of the Art Instead programme, an Instagram takeover for three weeks .
A space I do not yet know how to respond to, navigate, or touch.
How to touch it? How do I connect. Some kind of long distance call? If I raise my voice will they hear me?

Will I walk through  sliding doors?

Tangled thoughts continue to push out through my body…shallow breath…