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Ghada Amer(b1963)
Ghada Amer was born in Cairo Egypt and moved to France as a child and them went to live and work in the USA.
I have looked a lot at Ghada Amer in the past as I can relate to her work and connect to her techniques and use of materials ,however this is where the connection ends as her subject matter does not resemble my work.
The strong messages and visual language interests me as does her her own background which contradicts the strict traditional female roles of Islamic culture.
Much of her work is very large canvasses containing images drawn from pornography,she used brightly coloured acrylic paint using mainly primary colours and stitches over them with embroidery leaving the threads seemingly hanging down although this thread is coated in clear resin and stuck down onto the canvas.
The series of work ‘Five Women At work'(1991) is not phonographic images but looks like illustrations and a portrayal of women working at mundane tasks so often seen as traditional female roles such as cooking,cleaning shopping and childcare.The work was a series of four canvasses and not five the fifth was the invisible Amer the maker busily stitching and creating the work.