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An interesting diversion, came about today as I was investigating the potential for making coffee. I located a filter coffee maker on the top of the kitchen cupboards. It was a little dusty but I figured if it worked it would clean up. I was however, a little surprised to find the filter paper still full of grouts in the machine, it was in working order though and so it was scrubbed up and put into action.

Later I rescued the old filter paper from the bin and emptied it out. It struck me it was another trace of previous visitors to the centre and I thought I would incorporate it into my work.

Filter paper before cutting

I decided to use the monofilament warp for this piece, it wouldn’t detract form the stains on the paper and interspaced it with a white cotton that slipped against the monofilament making a contoured lines.

I really like the marks left by the coffee, water and grouts left on the paper. Its a pleasing piece.

Coffee filter piece

Coffee filter piece detail

Jennifer Jones