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Working with black Icelandic sheeps’ wool, I completed a couple of pieces of work about Thought and Memory while at the residency in Blönduós (referencing Odin’s two ravens Hugin and Munin).

The larger piece is made up of two separately felted surfaces to which I have added loose knitting and Icelandic horsehair.  The two smaller pieces are similarly made but one with green and the other with white wool positioned convexly.

My own thought and memory, as mentioned in a previous blog, aren’t quite as well functioning as they used to be.  Gaps and cracks occasionally appear in the progression from the brain’s initial intention towards fully conscious awareness and recollection.  Communication and expression become at times a little disrupted and fragmented.  There can be discontinuity and imbalance.  This is seen in the holes in-between the two sections as well as on the surface and around the edges of the larger work.  Even in the smaller pieces blank spaces are exposed in the networks that link our thoughts and memories.

Further work progresses now in the home studio using materials brought back from Iceland and will continue to feature the two elements of Hugin and Munin, Thought and Memory, in anticipation of an exhibition by Textile Echoes in the not-too-distant future.

Delia Salter