It has been a while since I writing my last post. A life event happened in May which deserved my full attention and meant that everything other than day to day life had to be largely put on hold.

Things have now since settled, so I have been able to reconfigure. ‘Before’ May, I had had a mentoring session with Morag Ballantyne (part of my A-N Professional Development Bursary) which as usual, was a deep, soul and brain searching exercise – I had been ‘Moragfied’ – I already knew what this felt like as I had experienced this before. It was why I needed her valuable services once again!

This session resulted in pages of notes containing some answers to questions, formation of many more questions, realisations and prompts for further exploration of self and practice.

Homework was set by Morag, which I now need to tackle – I have applied for an extension! So I will leave writing about all of this until I refreshed myself on my notes and have reflected on my reflections.

Now for ‘after’ May. On Monday 1st August I caught the 8.00am (ish) train from Northampton and travelled to London for what proved to be an exhilarating and intense week studying for the Set Design for Performance short course at Central St Martins, led by set designer and lecturer Gary Thorne.

What a wonderful experience this was and as this is uppermost in my thoughts I will write about this first, in my next post.

However, I shall leave you with a photograph(sourced from the net) of the amazing new Central St Martins building  that houses the wonderful library.