Bad Taste

I've had a really good week!! The fabric has been ordered so the tea set is well on its way.

I'm also in Rhyl this weekend- looking for kitsch, bad taste and tack!!

I am fascinated by all things bad taste…….but what is bad taste?

Is bad taste the same as personal taste? Is is what we wear? What we think and do? Is bad taste the same as naff taste? Can we live our lives in bad taste?………..Is a Corgi headed three dimensional Queen sitting at a table set for five bad taste or is it a tongue in cheek satirical view on our monarchy and the public perception on them??

Is a collection of Royal Memorabilia Naff, or is it a testament to an individuals patriotism?

Hopefully some answers will lie in Rhyl!



It's only five weeks now until my degree shows opens and I feel I should be more worried than I am. But I suppose it's because deep down I know everything will get finished on time. I ordered some modroc the other day so it should arrive any day now and once ive digitally printed my fabric I'll be able to finish the tea set. The only thing concerning me at the moment is the 3-dimensional fabric sculpture of the Queen- I need to finalise the pattern and make a mock-up before I can print my fabric and make the final thing. But right now I'm keeping positive, ask me in a couple a couple of days mind and who knows how I'll be!?