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The space between the border controls and the revolving doors is congested, kettled. The train time tables are black and yellow. I see a road sign storage facility (I notice later that some signs aren’t fixed, just weighed down) and sheds on stilts (sometimes a single seat, like a lifeguard’s lookout). The roads are quiet.

There’s a hand drawn poster for 1000 drawings night…

I try to access my email on a tablet but my service provider wants to security check who I am because I am logging in from a different device. They want to send a code to an alternative email account (foxtrot.uniform) which I would then use to get back into this email. The problem is, I don’t store the papa whiskey for foxtrot.uniform in my memory so I’m schtuck ja!

A switch flicks. I check my bags. I can’t find my Deutsche Bahn train ticket, that’s unusual. I realise/remember I didn’t/must’n’ve printed it off. I go to the DB but they say no order no. no ticket. I ask to speak with a manager. The manager says no order no. no ticket. I’ll have to buy a new one. A man with no lower legs brings me back to the present, momentarily.

I try the emails again but, of course, same loop lock-in. I buy a new train ticket and go to a new platform. The departure time passes, I ask another passenger. Seems the DB changed the platform but didn’t announce it! I return to the ticket counter. I text Chris constant change he replies beers still in the fridge. It’s easy to wonder if this has happened for a reason but it’s as easy to remember the opposite. The lesson is write down order nos. and passwords; just for the duration of the journey.

Solar panelled covered car parks; fields of sun flower stalks (dead) and Audis in balaclavas on the back of train transporters.

DB deduction – the train says Hof (I wonder if George Lucas visited) but it’s only 16.17 and the train I want is 16.37 but looking at the black and yellow timetable the platform and the train concur. I ask a women, she concurs. I get on.

Verkehrstage (Days of operation)

Moon day

Mars day

Mercury day

Jupiter day

Venus day

Saturn day

Sun day

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