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We are visiting Vitoria-Gastiez, a Biophilic city like Birmingham, Green Capital of Europe in 2012, Bilbao and San Sebastián. For artist research and to build a network of academics, artists, arts organisations, government offices and environmental bodies.

We have had great meetings with arts organisations and city council officers making plans with new partners for future projects

At Museo De Bellas Artes, Bilbao. Completely stunned by seeing Arcimboldo’s ‘Flora meretrix’ c1590. Biomimicry art created by the artist with science from 430 years ago, connecting me to our Treeline project linking the U.K. Basque Country and Norway.

Two of our new project partners have told me to look at this artist, who has painted a series of trees in a forest 45 km From Bilbao. Omako Basra.

Our visit coincides with an exhibitions of work by Margaret Harrison, inspiring to see work that relates to the feminine principle and Ecology, and a critical positioning of patriarchy and ecocide.