a revealing unfolds, uneditied and shows purpose up to things


Here's sneak preview of my final piece.

Its simply called scaffold.

Your only getting a close up…

I have managed to design a website for our year, find it at:


Alright, i don't have time to write no shpool about what i've been doing, and any way i find it boring, all i can say is, its been bloody mental, but been enjoying every moment of it, And you are all invited to the show…

Here's my last work whilst being a student,Its called:

"i use to be a fighter pilot, now i'm just an artist"

but not my degree show piece, you'll have to come to the show to see what that it.

all the best…


we compsed and concieved of a work inside a railway wagon. to simply light. to simply harness a point in the electromagnetic spectrum of some 25W x 50 to enliven a narrative that could be read from multiple trajectories.

the creativity was more in a function of the mode of display rather than in the particular object. It was, what it was. Bold and reflective, old and reflexive.

consolidated in two days, exhausted

It was in the face of thousand as they poured through the doors of Spike Island in search of answers. blind and bigoted, brave and intrigued, it was social and smiling back at institution, it was free and behind bars, it was gold and it was the open road.

If one person thought for more than a second then i would be happy, but maybe i'll never know

here's to woody, conspirator and comrade.

Thousands were there for a big opening


closing time,

re-setting failed buttons to type rope,

re-logging spaces that have become many iostopes,

re-imaging the what could have been done wrong better,

re-peating what i'd thought i'd got rid of,

re-hoping that metal and bricks match better that red paint and nylon string.

re-conceiving of the sunny days spent inside,

re-editing vice versa's the someone once loved

re-hashing the stuff that i forgot about,

re-amusing one thoughts that were too dark to mention

re-aquainting with friends i already know,

re-establishing sanity with morning cups of tea.

re-shifting a trunchen concrete stubborness.

re-fining mass conglomerations of forests and wide woodlands

re-focusing on a world that showed me black and white

re-meshing meshes that caught on my jacket

re-bruzing bruzes

re-faking fakes

re-telling stories



Cause and effect,

although this problematic piece fell short of delivering its intended signage, it was a seductive return to a science based concept of temporality. A ludicrous pop art gesture of solid and liquid it suggest a temporal state they Sandwich an organ pipe. dismembered detached deconstructed, . It becomes an awkward response to the none sound the silence of sculpture…

the piece no longer exists, it exists now in a new form….