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I’m seven weeks into my slogans project and exploring ways of finding a bigger audience.

At the end of the first week I decided to publish a round up of the slogans posted daily with further explanations for each.

Here is that first week:

Friday 8th July 2016 – Slogans Project Week 1

I can’t promise myself that I’ll do this every week.  If I can and I remember and I’m mentally able to I will try to do a weekly round up of all the slogans I posted over the last seven days.

I’m not great today but I’m forcing myself.  This has been another shit week in the world.  I had a nice time yesterday, my mum and I went to London for the day to meet up with my aunt and her partner.  That was nice.  I didn’t spend much time looking at the news.  Different story when I woke up this morning though. Anyway thoughts on that will accompany today’s slogan.

So then.  A week of this new project: Slogans Are Not A New Device But They Are A Useful Tactic.

Friday 1st July 2016 was a tentative start and launch which brought this picture out to the internet

A title slogan.

On to Slogan 1 I’m Very Disappointed

It seemed apt with all the in squabbling and the rubbish accumulating with the EU Referendum result. I’m still fed up with the ridiculously childish behaviour of nearly all the politicians in Britain.


Slogan 2 The Deeds from Saturday 2nd July 2016.  More of the same.


Sunday 3rd July 2016.  Slogan 3 No Hope.  Even more of the same.

I mean, hopefully this project will have some positivity in it at some point.


Slogan 4 Charisma Is Not A “Thing” It Is Learnt Behaviour from Monday 4th July 2016.  Appropriate given what happened later on in the week, and before when Michael Gove started doing an Uriah Heap impression.

On this day I also had two requests for new slogans from some twitter followers.  Firstly this was made for @LessLess2 Lovebombs Not Hate Crimes

Secondly this was made for @wmhealey Love Has No Labels


On Tuesday 5th July 2016 Nigel Farage announced that this lucky and clever rich man was going to step down as leader for the UKIPs.  My response was this Slogan 5 I Do Not Have The Privilege Of Escape (which I tweeted it to him)


Wednesday 6th July 2016 saw the long waited for publication of the Chilcot Report.  I made Slogan 6 A Cunning Man in response to this.  Its for my lovely Iraqi friend and the horrific terrorist attack in Baghdad.


Lastly for this seven day run was Slogan 7 Pretend Monsters Vs Real Monsters (for Thursday 7th July 2016)



Rereading this I’m surprised at how little I wrote for each slogan.  A month and a bit later I’m writing near essays for each picture.

Perhaps it’s knowing what this project really is now, that first week I still thought I’d be remaking all those pictures as banners.  And knowing that I won’t be doing all those hours of hand stitching I can spend more time I can put more time into the writing.  It’s also a lot cheaper.  Or free.

I aim to be up to date here on this site with all the previous weeks of work soon.

Thank you for reading,