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When Will it be Released? First NFT to be Minted Friday 12th April 2024 for preview. Auction Start’s Saturday 13th of April.   Were will it be Released? Minting on Foundation app at:

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Self | Cell paintings

Making art should be fun and there should be a playful element – no restrictions, few expectations, open experimentation. I decided to cut up some of the engravings and create collages (well, technically montages as no glue was involved), I […]

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Self | Cell engravings

Printing the engravings has revealed many new possibilities. The quality of the engraved lines is extraordinary, very much like a drypoint, with the ink not only collecting in the intaglio cut, but in the burr of the aluminium resulting a […]

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Image of Carolyn Murphy's print installation called Reclaiming
Event Exhibition


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  • Venue:
    Holborn Library
  • From:
    October 16, 2023
  • To:
    October 21, 2023
  • Location:
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A Letter to Leah Hickey

A review of “How to Get Attention When You’re Drowning” at Cheap Cheap Gallery, co-curated by Dinosaur Kilby and Yasmyn Nettle

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