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Self | Cell paintings

Making art should be fun and there should be a playful element – no restrictions, few expectations, open experimentation. I decided to cut up some of the engravings and create collages (well, technically montages as no glue was involved), I […]

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Self | Cell engravings

Printing the engravings has revealed many new possibilities. The quality of the engraved lines is extraordinary, very much like a drypoint, with the ink not only collecting in the intaglio cut, but in the burr of the aluminium resulting a […]

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Image of Carolyn Murphy's print installation called Reclaiming
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  • Venue:
    Holborn Library
  • From:
    October 16, 2023
  • To:
    October 21, 2023
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A Letter to Leah Hickey

A review of “How to Get Attention When You’re Drowning” at Cheap Cheap Gallery, co-curated by Dinosaur Kilby and Yasmyn Nettle

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