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Hello, I’m back.

I had to concentrate on another project last week, but which does not mean that the Broomhill project remained idle. A lot of things happened.

So lets start from the beginning as I promised to illustrate the artistic progress.

Some time ago I found this ancient metallic tool. Disused. In a box among many  old tools at a flea market. It had such elegant flowing forms, a perfectly ergonomic shape that just fitted naturally in my hand. The seller explained it was used to straighten up teeth on crosscut saws. So far for sustainability in the ancient days! Today, your saw blade is a bit shaky and out of shape? Throw it away and buy another one!

I was mesmerised by its beauty and started to draw it from all the angles. Once I’m familiar with the form of an object I’m  interested in, I draw it enlarged, two  or three meters high. That’s when the metamorphosis process kicks in. Sub-conscience takes over, lines become simpler but also emphasise the anthropomorphic qualities of the object…