An Open Call to Collectives is crisscrossing its way along the digital pathways to gather interest from Artist Collectives across the globe.

It is an invitation to create a page for a Compendium of Collective Practices, to explore the diversity of approaches to the idea of the Collective. Please receive it gently send it off in another direction. It is Potpourri.

As a way of breaking the word open, I am thinking about how collectivity connects to walking. I take a ceramic bowl for a walk. With the help and encouragement of the ceramicist Sandy Layton (part of our [esc] Collective), I made it with a small hole at its base. I thought I might carry sand that would escape through the hole to draw my path on the ground. But today I am collecting, and the hole is an escape route for anything tiny. I walk with the bowl cradled in my hands and for a moment I am a Buddhist nun dependent on the offerings of people encountered on the way. Collecting food as essential sustenance. I am letting go of deliberation, watching what draws me. The bowl fills

with stems, seedheads, lichen on a twig, flowers with delicate stamen, and when the seeds and pollen detach, they might exit through the hole and find the ground. Now I am close to the detail that the walk rushes past. A whole world in my little bowl, defying the default categories and bland generalisations that arise in the passing by.