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hello, unusual times hey !

during the pandemic i’ve found that spending time walking has helped me to get some perspective of things.  very early on i got a new insight into my dsylexia while on a walk.

before the lockdown began i was filming at the museum of making in derby.  i was making a non linear work about the museum’s transformation.  in the process i was having conversations with those taking part the transformation.

now in lockdown and without all the work i expected to be doing i’m looking at how i might work with another community as a way to help me plan for the future?

this blog is the documentation for the project i’m calling walking through the pandemic.   

i want the project to reflect where walking through the pandemic took place and what the thoughts and reactions were of those making the walks.



to aid the research i’m going to communicate with the communities i’m part of to invite their members to create content for inclusion in the project – where the walks took place – as video, stills or drawings.   i’m interested in the reflections of those making the walks – be it written, spoken or drawn.

through a process of content being sent to me and editing, the project will exist as an online non linear film.  by non linear film i mean it’s a project that as a viewer you select your way through the storey.  you’ll be invited to lean forward to have an experience of walking through the pandemic.

at this early stage of the project i feel excited and scared all at the same time !