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it is with great pleasure and pride that i announce the interactive documentary(idoc) walking through the pandemic is available to view.

the idoc has been created from contributions from an online community who came together to share their experiences.  my role has been to orchestrate the project.

as 2020 began we didn’t know what was to come because of covid-19.    january carried on as normal.  february we were becoming aware.  by march our lives were different, the virus was going global.

as covid-19 became a pandemic, around the world communities began their lockdowns.

walking through the pandemic is a lens on those early lockdown months, the places we went, the steps we took and the views we saw.


– click here to view the idoc – *


the project has been gratefully supported by a grant from arts council england emergency response fund for individuals.


* older apple devices may not display the text, this is due to a known issue.  i’m sorry if you experience this.    if you do please try viewing the project on another device, laptop or desktop computer.






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