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after a massively positive response to the project on social media i’ve been able to submit it to a couple of online exhibiting opportunities.  it felt good to feel proud and positive about submitting it to upcoming online exhibitions.

i expect the organisers to be inundated with work to choose from so i’m keeping an open mind about the potential outcomes.

later this year i plan to submit the work to another opportunity, this time outside of the uk.  i’d love to be able to list other shows the work has been seen at / through.  how these current times affect language.

in making the second of the recent submissions, i took a step out of my comfort zone and created a screencast of the work – specifically so the project can be included in the exhibition.  this does present with me some ethical dilemmas but decided to put those aside for now and experiment with it.  if successful i think this might well be an approach to the exhibition of future non linear work i aspire to make.