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As we are preparing for the #ThreadandWord walk in Edinburgh, I was delighted to receive the following from one of our artist walkers.

Jill Rock

“thinking on Chile and my time there after watching Neruda the film today it did occur to me that in Threads and Words there is another story worth telling.

I think I mentioned on the city walk that I had been in touch with a friend of mine John Dugger whilst he was showing work at Raven Row.
John was Cecilia’s partner and co worker in Artists for Democracy.

Artists for democracy worked over many years with a simply defined ethos:



They also had 4 watchwords – art as participation – as labour – as information – as energy

when I was on a walker’s walk a few weeks ago on Dungeness I suggested to the group that they made a work whilst walking along using a barbecue rack I had found on the beach the day before on the condition that they worked as JAV

It did occur to me that it might be worth contacting Cecilia Vicuña and telling her what we are doing because it is very much in the spirit of Artists for Democracy especially with the Edinburgh connection.

Especially now as democracy seems to be eaten up by capitalism and far right politics which have little respect for it but callously use the word for their own ends.”