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Walking in the Footsteps of the Huguenots

Exploring the past, considering the present and recording our thoughts about Post Brexit Britain.

I am organising a collaborative walk for the Republic of Brexitopia exhibition which is being organised by Degrees of Freedom at the Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch between 6th and 16th of September 2017. Brexitopia is an imaginary place, dreamt up in a spirit of gentle irony and dangerous optimism. For more about Brexitopia:

For the exhibition  I will be organising a reflective meandering walk from Espacio gallery on the Bethnall Green Rd.  in the direction of the City of London Wall.

During the walk we will explore the surrounding area  and we will stop for selected  readings to open a participative dialogue. The readings will connect with the history  of the Huguenots who sought asylum in Britain and outside the city walls where they were able to develop the weaving trade which to this day is an important part of the areas history.


I also want to weave the lyrics of the song by Carlos Varela ,’ Muros y Puertas’ (Walls and Doors) into the fabric of this walk and include some of the text from the poem ‘Impossible Weaving’ by Cecilia Vicuña which stresses the importance of making and creativity as a way of living a fulfilling life.

During the walk we will use mnemonics to document our thoughts through knots on ropes. I will make the ropes myself in my studio for each walker.


We will stop at intervals along the route for a drink and a chat during which we will undo the knots and share our thoughts with fellow walkers. The walk will be conducted in a spirit of collaboration and all walkers are invited  to participate with me in this process.


The walk is free but ticketed as there is a limit on numbers.

For more information about and to book on Eventbrite:

Looking forward too walking, talking and sharing with you.