First 2 days of project – marking out.

No particular problems with the first of the two images. Simply measuring and marking and connecting point to point with a straight edge. Except of course, the straight edge is over 2.5 metres long – held arms outstretched, while kneeling 6 feet off the ground on a scaffold tower. If I've climbed that tower once, I've climbed it a hundred times. I must be getting old, muscles aching – mental note to get some knee pads.

Day 2 – First image marked out, beginning to block in first colours- after masking these areas off. Now, this is much more fun! although there's always a nagging worry that when masking is removed the base coat ends up being removed with it. Huge sigh of relief, on this occasion, no problem.

Next week – would like to mark out image 2 – so that I can alternate work as paint drying times dictate. Hope to have some photos to show.


I am currently collaborating with an architectural practice in relation to an educational building in Clapton Road, Hackney. There is a small percentage for art. I was therefore approached to think about how we could utilise two large long rectangular wall areas for paintings.

I think we all recognised that the work I do [use of geometrical, hard edged forms] would lend itself to the sort of space that had been created.

Given that this is the largest commission I have ever worked on – one wall is over 6 metres long, I have found the project both very exciting, and a little daunting. Fortunately a lot of the work I have produced over the last couple of years fits beautifully with both my and the client's intentions. This is comforting, as I do not want to deviate from my current visual line of enquiry.

So, for me it's now the matter of scaling the work in proportion to the walls, marking out and then physically executing the project.

It has presented me with a number of challenges – such as how to mark out the work on such a large area – how to prevent any "bleeding" beyond the masking tape I will be using to delineate the work- and also how to physically transport the tools and equipment I will need on public transport! I'm still working on solutions to these.

Hopefully, work will start next weekend. I'm getting quite impatient to start after all the preparation and thought I have given to the paintings.