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Residencies are impossible for me at the moment even though I always read through the opportunities and wish I could do them!

At the moment I am working in “families” rather than series as suggested by a curator who visited my studio last week. It was the first time I’ve had a curator visit and she was there for an hour. It was really exciting and so rewarding to be able to talk about my work and even sell 2 small pieces and reserve 2 more. Quite unexpected I have to say

I’m carrying on with the 2-weekly chemo drawings

but also starting on a new “family” of ink drawings – to start with of my mother from photos. She was and still is so beautiful though complex. This is work in progress and I have made her rather severe, which is very much how she seemed to me as a child and when I was younger.

I am showing 15 of the Hug those you love drawings for a month from mid-April and made a selection for framing with artist and co-director of DAD (Dover Arts Development).

It went very quickly – I was quite nervous as I thought they were paintings and I am so in awe of her paintings but as she was  adamant they were drawings I relaxed a little.




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