I have been commissioned to make a 'Gateway or Threashold' feature. The product will be a map of the town made in mosaic and installed in the High Street of the town. The mosaic is intended to encourage visitors to see the whole town including the historic inland waterway canal junction.


So: Back from Stourport, installation is complete and it was fun.

It rained quite a bit (not fun, as controlling the water is essential when installing mosaics).

I was inside a little fenced compound like a cage in the high street, but I spoke all day to passers by about; British motorcycles, the church in Driotwich, compulsory purchase orders, British craftmanship, plumbing, the construction of swimming pools, the longest narrow boat in the world (at 72 foot) allegedly, plus holidays in france.

I guess this is the point where it becomes a little more serious and I feel I should say something which enables enquiry, reflection, positioning or strategic thinking of some kind.

Well sorry but I work with intuition, gut feelings, a sence of balance, I am kind of serial in my thinking, but unable to invent systematic thought processes. I associate things freely and dont approach things with methods. I find intangible things motivate me, things I am just unable to see with clarity, only with hunches, reactions and leanings! I like colours and composition, just stuff that I can not reach with words.

My three fav subjects are Nature, History and Sociology. Mix them together and I am somewhere in there.

I will try harder another time, but I will say one thing…I do things carefully and I consider things before I do them!


Off to France.

Installation of the mosaic starts thurs 15th May.


Hi there blog.

I wonder what this blogging is really about? I dont find it a natural thing, I never liked writing at school. I always felt I was writing the wrong thing….. and how can you possibly write the wrong thing on a blog. Still, these feelings carry on into middle age in my case!

What I really wanted to mention was that I will be cycling (off road) in France for 3-4 days. Something that I am looking forward to very much. It has nothing to do with art in the slightest, which is a good thing, cos I live in a public art 'expression of interest' bubble. Again what are you supposed to write for an expression of interest, with that fear of writing the wrong thing just hanging around!

So bikes, bikes, bikes it is then.


A walk in the Woods

So I doubt wether I will say too much till I install this mosaic, I have only got to cut it up and store it till the installation.

Now I have a little time on my hands I made a small path in the front garden. I might make another one tommorrow.

I think I will read Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance……. I find reading for pleasure a difficult thing and miss out on so much. Attention Disorder, lazy, always think that something else is more important, why is this? prehaps the answers lie in the book. Outside stimulas is such a good thing, so why do I find it so hard to leave my little insular world?

The blue bells are out, and I took my dog Cosmo out for a walk it was amazing, like blue water over the forest floor.

He was so happy charging through the woods, mud, smells, squirrels, stagnent water and leaves and grass to roll in. Just dog stuff I will never really understand. He was so happy it made me happy in a sad sort of way?


So the madness hoverd around the fringe of my mind on this project. It is nearly over now.

I had a conversation today and I found out that the site wont be ready for five weeks or so! I expected to hear five days. True, some time after easter was bandied about, I thought I was well behind the contractor. Thats great news, I will not need to force myself kicking and screaming into the workshop. I have no time preasure. That's when mosaic is really cruel that fight to complete on time.

So I'll have to find something else to say instead.

'The straight line leads to the downfall of our civilization' Hundertwasser. 1953.