Hen Resturant
Monday, August 3, 2015
Monday, August 31, 2015
87-88 Trafalgar St, Brighton BN1 4ER, UK
South East England
Kollektiv Gallery at Hen in Brighton

Kollektiv Gallery’s ‘Summer Chicks‘ will be hosting an array of workshops at Hen aka @henresturant, a wonderful new creative space & restaurant on Trafalgar Street in #Brighton for the whole of August. The girls are a group of enthusiastic, talented and community minded female artists. They’re makers, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, producers and students who want to strengthen the community, experiment with new ideas and share their life’s findings with the you, the curious tribes, hanging out in Brighton this summer. 

Summer Chicks are hosting:

• Deep Pockets & Long lists 

Talks from Brighton Digital Festival Coordinator, Jesse Black Mooney & Kollektiv’s Founder, Sophie Giblin.

• Something From Nothing

A hands on class about photography, lighting, props, art direction and graphic design.

• Pop Up Pottery

Learn how to make anything on the throwing wheel.

• Geometric Concrete Planters

Design geometric shapes, mix your own concrete and make a planter or candle holder.

• Embroidery & Weaving

Learn basic embroidery & weaving.  Go home with a small kit to carry on making.

• Meditation & Creativity

Unlock hidden desires and use simple techniques to guide you to the next level of creativity and innovation.

• Science, Food Waste & Photography for kids

Create pictures framed within microscope slides and acetate sheets, using materials and food which would otherwise be thrown away.

• Fast Art

Work quickly in competing teams to come up with an idea, then make, exhibit and sell to the public in JUST 2 HOURS.

• Political Plastercine

Create and partake in your own mock election and play political party games.

Please do take a look at the full list of workshops here:

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