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studio spaces to let in Central Brighton

I have to 2 defined spaces, within a larger communal unit, available now. We are a collection of artists and makers based in central Brighton, on the top floor of the un-glorious New England House industrial block. Long term lease, […]

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A Q&A with… Laura Ford, sculptor

Sculptor Laura Ford’s new commission for Brighton’s House Biennial draws on the history of town’s Royal Pavilion and in particular that of its early 19th century commissioner King George IV, who lived there as Prince Regent prior to taking the throne. Dany Louise talks to the artist about her work and finds out why Donald Trump has a starring role in her installation, A King’s Appetite.

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50 x 50 = 25

50 x 50 =25 international edition exhibition June 9, 2016   I am very happy to announce that 1-2 months ago I was selected to be apart of 50 x 50 = 25 international edition exchange. This exchange will consist […]

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Brighton Digital Festival announces arts and technology commissions

Commissioned projects at this year’s ‘celebration of digital culture’, which takes place in September, will include a pop-up shop selling white noise, an immersive map tracking the movement of transport infrastructure, and a work that uses the virtual world to explore human identity and post-colonialism.

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