Mellissa Monsoon's practice combines a number of disciplines across art and science; her interests lie in the interrelationships between illustration, sculpture and living organisms. Mellissa’s research is focused on the invisible world and the plant world, as well as human anatomy, neurology, immunology, and physiology. She works closely with scientists to respond to groundbreaking research and bring science to a wider audience with visual art. Mellissa’s practice has developed through creating bacterial sculptures of her own body, into an exploration of mycology and slime mould, to represent the idea that our bodies are an ecosystem. Using the body as a landscape for growing and hosting different organisms, her research continues to focus on the unseen and the invisible. Mellissa is currently working on research in neurology and a rare brain condition, Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. She is working on projects with (IIH) UK Charity and the University of Birmingham to create artworks surrounding themes of invisible illnesses and transforming healthcare with Artificial Intelligence. Ramsgate