Gallery 40
Monday, October 30, 2017
Sunday, November 5, 2017
40 Gloucester Road Brighton BN14AQ
South East England
Gallery 40


The Ghost Flower series is an ongoing body of painting and drawing which explores an organic flower-like form. These works draw on the tradition of leaving flowers for the deceased and using flowers to symbolise the transitory nature of life

Birds that (mostly) resemble members of the crow family are the theme of the second group of paintings in this show. Crows and their relatives are often seen as bad omens, representing death. They may embody the souls of returned ancestors and in some belief systems are key actors in the creation myth.

Darren Edwards graduated from Winchester School of Art and currently lives and works in Brighton. He has exhibited in Canada, France, Spain and the UK. Galleries include Flowers Gallery, Grey Area, Panorama Gallery and Crane Kalman. Work in private collections across Europe and North America