Art and Design Gallery University of Hertfordshire,
Saturday, September 17, 2016
Saturday, October 29, 2016
College Lane, Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL10 9AB
East England
University of Hertfordshire

UH Galleries are delighted to present Elizabeth Murton’s first major solo exhibition and symposium, Between Materials and Mechanisms. Resident artist for six months, Murton has engaged with specialists, academics and participants in a series of cross-disciplinary activities.

The Art and Design Gallery is a distinctive space articulated through a series of white steel pillars, with a soft, plastic inflated roof. Murton integrates her sculptural elements within its skeletal frame, introducing collections of visceral threads held in differing degrees of tension. This subtle web extends though the space, embedded in mesh- sheets behind the gallery walls and at points reaching up to connect with the ceiling.
Murton studied Textiles/Visual Arts at Goldsmiths and consistently repurposes textile processes in her practice. Processes employed such as weaving, stitching, threading and beading act as a framework for her ideas and subjects. In this installation, yarn takes the form of nets and bundles to interlink structures within the space. Functioning like muscles and connective tissue, we are invited to temporarily re-imagine the gallery as a dynamic body.

The symposium provides a dynamic body. platform for further dialogue between collaborators and peers. Mirroring so many of our body’s mechanisms, Murton has been committed throughout the project to a dynamic, co-dependent and responsive process.

Symposium* and Drinks Reception Saturday 1st October (*coach available from London)

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