The Gallery, Redlees Studios
Saturday, May 6, 2017
Monday, May 8, 2017
Redlees Studios, Worton Rd. Isleworth TW7 6DW
7th Heaven Productions

Born in Baghdad, Maythem Ridha has lived and travelled across the Middle East and North Africa and is now based in London. In BEYOND MOMENTS: MOROCCO, Maythem leads us on an intrepid photographic journey, inspired by the wonderfully evocative locations, interesting characters and stunning light.

From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean and inland to Beni-Mellal, we ascend the Atlas Mountains and venture above the clouds to witness the remote and inaccessible Berber Wedding Festival. Presenting some of his award-winning photographs, Maythem shares his experiences of shooting travel, street and environmental portraits in, at times, challenging social situations.

In BEYOND MOMENTS: Morocco, Maythem Ridha takes us on a visual adventure in search of the spirit of Morocco and, in the process, discovers a positive and hopeful aspect of the human condition.

Only a photographer from the Arab and Muslim world has this depth of insight to reveal the culture from within.

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