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Digital Artist Residency


Digital Artist Residency        |           OVADA

Emerging Artists in Residence

1st May – 30th June 2017.




DAR has teamed up with OVADA to showcase the UK’s best new, emerging artistic talent. During the two month residency, artists will respond to the interaction and the understanding of various digital themes.


The digital residencies provide an online space on for artists to develop works, ideas and practices. The EAiR will take place online between 1st May – 30th June 2017. The project will culminate in an exhibition at OVADA in Oxford during 22nd – 30th July.


The four chosen artists will be Abigail Fletcher-Drye, Will Kendrick , Aaron McCarthy, Jules Varnedoe. Their eclectic practices will explore various digital processes and will examine themes encountered by post-digital culture.


Abigail Fletcher-Drye works across digital and physical modes of production in order to expose the potential and limitations of stuff, assessing its metaphysical integrity in an age of virtual reality.

During her EAiR Digital Artist Residency, Fletcher-Drye will be looking at the physical space of a Spa, a site in the physical world of real transformation.



Aaron McCarthy engages with rhetoric, place and representation online.

His DAR project will draw on the distinction of place, online and in physical space, using the deconstruction of a survival app.


Jules Varnedoe’s research will trace entanglements between infrastructural logistics chains and a variety of native and non-native organisms.  As well as presenting research, he will use the residency to develop video and written work, focusing on the relationship between key points in global data networks and the landscapes that they inhabit.



For Will Kendrick, The internet offers us a space of possibilities where hierarchies are toppled and time is collapsed. Throughout the residency, Kendrick will be producing a video game environment which will be available online for download.