Thursday, August 4, 2022
Tuesday, August 16, 2022
The Internet

ELEMENTS highlights the threads of interconnectivity in abstract art as a global visual language – a cross-cultural landscape manifest through the individual practice of the selected artists.

10 local and international artists’ work is brought together in visual and conceptual conversation: Ana Benavides, Alyssa Sakina Mumtaz, Bryony Benge-Abbott, Ben Johnson, Giulia Ricci, Harriet Hoult, Jesus Perea, Sahand Hesamiyan, Sara Choudhrey and Sarah Mufford.

Works include collage, paintings, drawings, digital art and works that defy conventional descriptors. The artworks on display challenge our perceptions of the world around us whilst homing in on that which is sensorially very much about the lived experience. Once again, ELEMENTS presents work that will blur the lines between the literal and conceptual, through a variety of hybrid media and making-processes which explore themes of place, space, spirituality, meditation, and the self.

The exhibition can be viewed online at: