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It’s like having a visitor

I have taken down one of my pictures – it was a 1920’s illustration of some orange flowers and put up 2 pieces by Lizzie Donegan instead. I’d like to change the spacing around but getting any fixings in my […]

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Marcel – online gallery app

Has anybody had experience of the gallery sales app Marcel? Came across it earlier on today and wanted some impartial user reviews before trying it out. It allows you to set up a gallery of work which you can sell, […]

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Finding gallery space for hire in London

I am looking for good places to research gallery spaces for hire in London. I have just joined a new studio and we want to put together a group show. If anyone could recommend either – a likely venue – […]

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8 years ago my life crashed. I’ve been rebooting ever since. Just about coming on line again now, logging in, ready to get to work.

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