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Laura I. Art Gallery

Multi-Award Winning Laura I. Art Gallery is pleased to announce a new art exhibition, Exploring the I and You and an Era of Change, opening on 28th October. This will be accessible online for all art lovers across the world.

Exploring the I and You and an Era of Change is a collaborative exhibition bringing together around 30 international artists in a visual celebration of different countries and disparate cultures.

The first of two group exhibitions scheduled for the Autumn of 2021, Exploring the I and You and an Era of Change reflects upon ideas of globalism and localism, exploring the concept of a “perfect” cosmopolitan society.

Based on the visual arts, the exhibition contains work from a global selection of artists whose practice is informed by their personal experience of the world. These artists each adopt a unique medium for artistic expression of their culture and identity. As such, Exploring the I and You and an Era of Change collates these expressions into a singular exhibition in an attempt to identify similarities and build connections between individuals in what can be regarded as a singularly global yet fractured world.

This is the first time that these artists will be displayed together. Thus, the exhibition exists as an initial conversation between the artists and the social and political realities which inform their work.

Displaying paintings, drawings, and sculptures, the exhibition will satisfy all art lovers without having to travel at these uncertain times.

There will also be opportunities to purchase pieces, talk to the artists and the Gallery Director, and meet others who share the same passion for art as you!

Every £60 pounds we receive, supports a one-month free membership fee for an artist of your choice.

The artist will be able to benefit from free representation ,bespoke mentoring and coaching services enabling them to realise their full potential and goals.

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