Phoenix Art Space
Saturday, March 4, 2023
Sunday, April 23, 2023
Phoenix Art Space 10-14 Waterloo Place
South East England
Phoenix Art Space

All members of the studio at Project Art Works in Hastings, the three artists’ work is united by careful and often meticulous practices of collecting, researching and reimagining. Mining rich seams ranging from popular culture to natural history, these artists reveal through their practices something about the unique way in which each of them – and each of us – sees the world. Defying categorisation and disciplinary boundaries, each artist pursues a diverse practice that encompasses varied modes of making.

Jack Goldsmith’s practice includes painting, printmaking and multimedia 3D work; Jack has a strong interest in colour, and works with paint and other materials to express and validate his inner and lived experience. Jack has recently been awarded a Developing Your Creative Practice grant from Arts Council England, which will enable him to further develop his skills in ceramics and to build collaborations with other artists and studios.

Working extensively with animated films as reference material, Lucy Jenion’s practice is centred on drawing, painting and photography. Lucy’s dense journals offer a record of her deep research process, which often takes a particular film, character or cultural moment as its starting point. Lucy works with imagination and skill to render the resulting scenes in vivid colours and minute detail, often situating herself as a character within the piece.

Gabby R. is a prolific maker whose work demonstrates mastery of less conventional materials including hot glue, pipe cleaners and found objects. Through the assemblage of these basic components, Gabby creates vividly imagined characters that mimic or embellish creatures found in the natural world. Alongside her three-dimensional work, Gabby uses collage, drawing and painting to document the creatures she creates and their unique features and qualities.

This exhibition will present a range of work by each of these three emerging artists on their own terms, reflecting their relationships with their practices, the studio and each other.

Open from 4 March – 23 April. Join us for the opening on Friday 3 March, 18.00 – 20.00. Free entry, everyone welcome.

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