Saturday, August 19, 2023
Saturday, September 16, 2023
Ffordd Gwynedd, Bangor North Wales LL57 1DT
STORIEL, Ffordd Gwynedd, Bangor, North Wales LL57 1DT

For Fleece Flow: Storiel  I have created  a new iteration, retaining key features such as the tree stumps, representing crossing points. The stumps hold porcelain vessels on rose headed nails, under-lit to reveal the impressed marks of maps, rope and water in the body of the clay.

The most important new element is the introduction of sheep fleeces, continuing the theme from  Fleece: Flow Bridewell [ see Reviews] where the fleeces were whole, raw and unwashed.  These washed Llyn fleeces, are lighter and whiter.

I chose to use these as both the main focus and as a material that had the body, and variety of texture capable of  holding and linking two disparately scaled features – the tree stumps and the tiny porcelain boats – and thus create a new land- and waterscape.

These fleeces become the flow, moving around and through the crossing points of the tree stumps. The myriad of tiny porcelain boats express movement within the currents created by the fleece.

Open Tuesdays to Sundays       11am to 4pm

These exhibitions have been made possible by an Arts Council of Wales Grant.