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What I did over my holidays

I spent a back-breaking day making test tiles in porcelain, earthenware and paperclay – then using different decorative tools and techniques on them. I have used the capillary method of applying slip and glaze to my maps and wold bowls […]

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Yanggu Porcelain Museum

This was one of the bigger trips out of Seoul. Yanggu is a province but also a town situated in the north west of South Korea, quite close to the border with North Korea. Before coming to Korea several people […]

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Made in Korea

Made in Korea is a cultural conversation between the UK and Korea in ceramics and sound. Taking place throughout 2017 at The Ceramic House, Sladmore Contemporary, British Ceramics Biennial and Mullae Arts Factory, Seoul. Funded by Arts Council England.

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Never Done

I am delighted to be showing my new glass work alongside work by 15 other women artists in the exhibition I am curating called Never Done. The aim of the exhibition is to show work by women artists from around […]

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