The Crypt Gallery
Thursday, May 12, 2022
Saturday, May 14, 2022
St John on Bethnal Green, 200 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9PA
Bethnal Green Crypt Gallery

Transdisciplinary artist Erika Blumenfeld writes “The material comprising our bodies shares cosmic origins with the material comprising the planets, asteroids and comets in our solar system. Scientifically, this material, having derived from distant stars across time, threads back to the primordial material that emerged moments after our universe burst into being. Culturally, our star gazing has filled us with wonder across all civilizations, sparking art and architecture, philosophy and science, mythology, folklore as well as navigation and place-making”.

Visual journeys have been created using the archive, modern science, performative poetry, scanned glacier-ice sent by image transmission, laser-based mapping originally sourced from the Rosetta space mission, the use of historic adaptations, the layering of earthly minerals, and a hunt for asteroid fragments. Held in a crypt under ground the exhibition takes a poignant look at the myth and science that surround comets, which in theory brought life to Earth but could also end it.

Opening Thu 12 May, 6-9pm – all welcome
Open: 12–15 May 2022
Hours: Fri – Sun, 12–6pm
or by appointment

Performances by Fryd Frydendahl
Thu 12, 7 pm Fri 13, 4.30 pmSat 14, 1 pm & 4.30 pm Sun 15, 4.30 pm

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