Hardwick Gallery
Monday, November 28, 2022
Friday, December 16, 2022
University of Gloucestershire Hardwick Campus St Paul’s Rd Cheltenham GL50 4BS
South West England
The Hardwick Gallery


Monday 28 November – 14 December

Exhibition and project-space

Open: Mon-Fri, 1pm-5pm

Artists in conversation and Q&A: Wednesday 14 December, 5pm-7pm

A project-space and exhibition bring together artists and filmmakers Kirsten Adkins, Tony Clancy and Paul Zinder at Hardwick Gallery. The gallery as project-space opens up possibilities for activity and reflection, enabling the three artists to work in conversation with each other through screen, audio and projection technologies to generate new works which centre on urgent and timely concepts about what it means to be home. Home in these works may be imagined in terms of geographical location, of community or the unit, or in terms of the body, the shelter, or of the self. And as occupying the physical, the spatial, the temporal and the cultural realm.

This practice-led research project is conducted during a time of growing insecurities surrounding the personal and the political, identity and statelessness, shelter and hostility. To have a sense of belonging could be understood as gaining coherence in a community, or in the fraternal pact, or conversely could represent exclusion, exile or threat. Home explores themes of being and belonging, where to be-long is both being and longing, and may be desired as yet-to-come, as a return, as something made through lived practice, or as acts of multi-dimensional memory.

Please join us at Hardwick Gallery on Wednesday 14 December for an event with researcher and lecturer Jean Boyd (University of Gloucestershire) and Hardwick Gallery Director Sarah Bowden in conversation with the artists.

Kirsten Adkins is an artist and film maker, with a background in documentary film. Kirsten combines her experience in broadcasting with research practice to examine and critique the mediation of military belonging and otherness in contemporary reportage of war.

Tony Clancy works with still and moving images to explore how the camera can show the materiality of spaces in different and perhaps new ways, looking at places and non-places as spectacle, as reflections of class experience.

Paul Zinder is an award-winning filmmaker and published writer in media studies. His films have been selected for more than 80 festivals around the world. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Film Production at the University of Gloucestershire, where he specialises in documentary and narrative filmmaking. 

The gallery/project-space is open to visitors. During the exhibition the artists will occasionally be working in the space. In this case, please knock for entry.


Hardwick Gallery

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