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Border Zone

Join us for an evening of films and discussion on the theme of border zones.

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Looking for a Videographer

I am looking for a local experienced videographer to capture my exhibition in St Albans Cathedral, Hertfordshire and the process behind it to create a short film.


video projection options

My installation needs a projector. This was supplied for its first exhibition by the venue, but as I want to exhibit it elsewhere, I am dependent on the venue having one, or buying my own. The first venue had a […]

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Getting it out there

The film is now getting out there to the public. It is showing as part of Fringe Arts Bath festival 27th May until 12th June and will be screened at Tranås at the Fringe, a multi-disciplinary arts festival in Sweden […]

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Wow .. has it really been that long since I posted? … I’ve been putting this off for some long while … but I have made progress. I’ve been focussed at least because I have reached a conclusion point with […]

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Light trails and flash photography

The 2021 lockdown restrictions have thrown out my intended plan of work on my project. The photographic studio I found was closed, the sound recording was closed and I felt this project was so much about a human, a dancer, […]

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