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Open call for short silent films to be live scored by an ensemble of improvising musicians in the grand Abbeydale Picture House

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Illuminating the Arts Sector?

I was extremely happy to be invited to write a featured article review for Project Art Works, Illuminating the Wilderness film, by Kate Adams in late 2020. It’s also been encouraging to have my previous a-n blog post responding to […]

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Best foot forward – new beginnings

In my last post I wrote about my A-N mentoring bursary coming to an end. What I didn’t mention was that the last activity I did with my mentor, Rosalind Davis, was to complete my application for a Develop Your […]

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Illuminating the Wilderness

(Photo download from Project Art Works site) So Adrian Searle has written a review in the Guardian newspaper about the Jarman award 2020. Yesterday I made the mistake of logging onto Twitter on my lunch break, to find that Adrian […]

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    February 07, 2021
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(Danny Smith in Flashback) The Shadowlight Artists are a collective of seven artists with learning disabilities, formed in 2009. They are supported, managed, and produced by Film Oxford. I’ve been lucky enough to work on Shadowlight projects since 2015, and […]

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Being watched! Mentoring at an end :(

My year of my mentoring bursary is over. I feel sad to move on from this. It has been a positive experience. Working with Rosalind Davis has been very valuable. Having someone to be accountable to, but who is not […]

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Getting online with your work

Hi fellow a-n members, I have created a workshop for creatives and freelancers about getting their work online, protecting their intellectual property, standing out through the noise, safeguarding and increasing their visibility. I’ve had some great feedback and thought I […]

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Distant mourning – sending a prayer out to sea

Like a good autistic I’ve been in hyper-focus. Lockdown has brought a surprising clarity to my work. It’s as though my practice was made for this moment. It sounds like a strange thing to say, and it is. Other autistics […]

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