Art and Design Gallery
Monday, January 29, 2018
Friday, February 2, 2018
Hertfordshire University, College Lane, AL10 9AB
UH Ba(Hons) Fine Art Contemporary Fine Artists

Made to Matter Fine Art Exhibition | 29th Jan-2nd Feb, opening night is 29th January 4.30pm | Art & Design Gallery, Hertfordshire University, College Lane, AL10 9AB

Made to Matter invites the audience to consider how our interpretation of the world alters according to shifts in time, space and information. Particular places, particular materials and particular approaches to matter, become meaningful through these outside influences, and it is the attention the artist gives to these seemingly insignificant events through which the materials, matter, objects and artifacts they manipulate acquire significance. The exhibition aims to draw the observer into questioning their trust in image and text as a medium for carrying information and suggests that art operates through an alternative language. Meaning is constructed by the observer actively interpreting the space between text and picture, object and event. In effect, what matters is this direct experience of confronting the objects on show and meaning is generated by this proactive interpretation and in the imaginative space between the viewer and the artwork.