Cromwell Place
Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Sunday, May 14, 2023
4 Cromwell Place, London, SW7 2JE
Forest + Found

Material Beings is an artist-led exhibition pushing the conceptual nature of craft practice through a radical rethinking of materiality. Curated by studio collective Forest + Found, the exhibition brings together artists Max Bainbridge, Chloé Rosetta Bell, Abigail Booth, Marlène Huissoud, Alida Kuzemczak-Sayer, Francisca Onumah, Frances Pinnock and Marcin Rusak.

With a common grounding in the physicality of our material world, each artist’s practice takes us beyond the corporeal into an intimate exploration of the human body and psychological condition. With works that shift between the natural and un-natural, this exhibition allows space for the materials themselves to permeate our minds and question where our sense of self ends and the physical world begins. Seeking out tactile encounters in their work, be it through the exploration of material, or the physicality of their making process, these artists explore the experience of body and object in space. Often relying on intuition in the making, or searching for a state of contemplation in connection with imagination and memory, their works exist somewhere between the real and imagined, the human and the non-human. Collectively their work acts as a physical and sensory record of the search for meaning in the overlooked and everyday details of our lives. Often embracing moments of collapse or imperfection to challenge the hierarchical nature and perceived value of the materials they choose to work with. Wood, insects and clay turn our thoughts outwards to the natural world, while the manipulation of metal, leather and textiles, draws us back into the internal worlds of the artists themselves. Ranging in scale from the monumental to miniature, each artists’ practice moves between engaging with the by-products of other processes, founds objects, and self-generated material outcomes. Each brings with them a re-imagining of past lives and encounters to create new narratives and methods of communicating in this unpredictable and fast changing world.

Material Beings will be exhibited at Cromwell Place as part of the wider London Craft Week programme from 9th-14th May, and will be accompanied by a schedule of Performance and In Conversation events, drawing out relationships between the artists’ works. The exhibition is free to visit with no booking required.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 6pm | Sunday 10am – 4pm

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