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Exhibition installation with a car covered in a hand-crocheted doily in the foreground and two black and white photographic images mounted on freestanding metal display frames in the background.
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A Q&A with… The British Invasion, artists and curator

‘The British Invasion’ exhibition has just opened in Blackburn as part of this year’s British Textile Biennial. Anneka French spoke to the show’s curator Alex Zawadzki and two of the three exhibiting artists, Jamie Holman and Jasleen Kaur, all a-n members, ahead of the opening.

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March 2021. Experiments with cushions……….

Talking to other artists, it is clear that ‘collaboration’ can mean a whole range of things, and taking the time to discuss examples of successful partnerships helped to reveal a range of possibilities. 1  Joy and Gill are keen to find […]

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January 2021. Beginnings……

In January 2021, Covid restrictions meant that Gill and Joy were to start their dialogue through zoom meetings.  The first conversation uncovered their very similar histories as creative practitioners with portfolio careers – both had periods of work in industry, […]

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February 2021. Finding shared interests……..

In order to think about similarities that might come together in their two practices, Gill and Joy set up a ‘Pinterest’ board on which to share influential ideas and artists. There was an obvious joint appreciation for textural qualities that […]

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Mud and Thread

Documenting the creative collaboration between ceramic artist Gill Bliss and textile artist Joy Merron.

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‘Evolving’: Tara Kennedy

I have now completed another artwork inspired by my time spent at the Textile Residency in Blonduos Iceland. I have called it ‘Evolving’ as it portrays the continuously changeable landscape I experienced involving all the colours that surrounded me. I […]

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‘Landslag’: Tara Kennedy

Finally finished my piece which I have titled ‘Landslag’, the Icelandic word for landscape. Inspired by the continuing changeable and contrasting landscape that appeared to go on forever. It depicts all the colours of the landscape I experienced from the […]

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Bus Lane Archaeology

A conversation about the exhibition with Nicole Mollett and the artists Sew N Sew, Mary Hearne and Jakub Rokita.

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