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‘Landslag’: Tara Kennedy

Finally finished my piece which I have titled ‘Landslag’, the Icelandic word for landscape. Inspired by the continuing changeable and contrasting landscape that appeared to go on forever. It depicts all the colours of the landscape I experienced from the […]

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Bus Lane Archaeology

A conversation about the exhibition with Nicole Mollett and the artists Sew N Sew, Mary Hearne and Jakub Rokita.

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From stills to moving image

Alongside photography and video I work with weave. My sculptural work ‘X-Ray’ series (2009-ongoing), which tests how far I can push weave against its own conventions, exposes its vertical warp, which is usually hidden. I have developed my own weave technique to reveal and manipulate the warp […]

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Now Showing #266: The week’s top exhibitions

Five recommended shows from across the UK, including: Anni Albers’ at Tate Modern, the inaugural exhibition at Manchester’s Rogue Studios, and an exploration of regret by Tom Hackett at the Storefront, Luton.

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Her Quiet Materials

A blog about artists, historical and contemporary, who use textiles as a starting point. Written by Claire Benn, leading textile artist, teacher and curator.

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Red turkey twill

All 100 pillowcases are now cast and waiting to be sanded and finished later this month. However, my research has continued and uncovered some very interesting pieces of information amongst the archive. Some years ago when I first began looking […]

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