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‘Evolving’: Tara Kennedy

I have now completed another artwork inspired by my time spent at the Textile Residency in Blonduos Iceland. I have called it ‘Evolving’ as it portrays the continuously changeable landscape I experienced involving all the colours that surrounded me. I […]

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‘Landslag’: Tara Kennedy

Finally finished my piece which I have titled ‘Landslag’, the Icelandic word for landscape. Inspired by the continuing changeable and contrasting landscape that appeared to go on forever. It depicts all the colours of the landscape I experienced from the […]

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Bus Lane Archaeology

A conversation about the exhibition with Nicole Mollett and the artists Sew N Sew, Mary Hearne and Jakub Rokita.

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From stills to moving image

Alongside photography and video I work with weave. My sculptural work ‘X-Ray’ series (2009-ongoing), which tests how far I can push weave against its own conventions, exposes its vertical warp, which is usually hidden. I have developed my own weave technique to reveal and manipulate the warp […]

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Now Showing #266: The week’s top exhibitions

Five recommended shows from across the UK, including: Anni Albers’ at Tate Modern, the inaugural exhibition at Manchester’s Rogue Studios, and an exploration of regret by Tom Hackett at the Storefront, Luton.

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Her Quiet Materials

A blog about artists, historical and contemporary, who use textiles as a starting point. Written by Claire Benn, leading textile artist, teacher and curator.

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