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Saturday, February 28, 2015
Saturday, March 14, 2015
HA HA Gallery 9/11 Old Northam Road Southampton SO14 0NZ
South West England
Ha Ha Gallery

Some may argue that by setting a brief with a strict removal of all but black and white, we are limiting the creative opportunities of our invited artists, or worse still, that we are intentionally dismantling key components within the practices of those we admire.

It is in fact our hope to achieve the opposite.

Artists self imposed restrictions of colour and the consequent use of black and white, has, throughout the 20th and 21st century, generated some of the most uniquely expressive art. With the most notable examples, arguably unmatched in their ability to communicate radical and revolutionary ideas, our question is simply this – what can be communicated using the same restricted palette today?

In todays “information age”, where the answers are just a click away, what can we discuss by stripping our work down to its bare essentials? Maybe without the subtleties of the “grey areas” that colour can bring to a work, the simplicity of Black and White can have the potential to create confrontational artworks, inviting the viewer to interact and interpret with a renewed scrutiny, more commonly reserved for scientific diagrams or instructions.

Alternatively, the works expressive qualities may hold fast, creating the same“… launching point for infinity…” as Josef Albers experimentation’s with black and white were once described.

Alex Glass
Ashley Holmes
Claudia Dance Wells
Del Hardin Hoyle
Emily McCartan
Frances Disley
Hannah Shaw
Harry Hurlock
Josef Zachary Shanley-Jackson
Lea Torp Nielsen
Lindsey Mendick
Linny Venables
Liz West
Neil Haas
Paul Kindersley
Rebecca Ounstead