Monday, January 4, 2021
Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Digital Artist Residency X Implied Gallery

The Preserving Machine

Digital Artist Residency X Implied Gallery

4th Jan – 11th April 2021

The Preserving Machine is a virtual exhibition hosted by Digital Artist Residency and Implied Gallery. It features artists Anna Nazo, Ariel Caine, Agnes Mormirski, Lucas Gabellini-Fava, Peter Ainsworth, Richard Kolker, Sam Plagerson, Theo Ellison, Tom Milnes, Yarli Allison.

The Preserving Machine is an artist research collective concerned with emergent computational, 3D imagery through practice-based and theoretical research. The title comes from Philip. K. Dick’s homonymous 1953 short story in which the protagonist, Dr Labyrinth, attempts to create a machine to preserve the temporal and ephemeral objects of the world. The story inadvertently works as a fitting allegory for 3D image reproduction and representation, which is playfully explored by the 10 artists.